Formica Infiniti Worktops

The vast selection of Formica® Infiniti worktops allow you to choose a high quality product dependent on your taste.

Infiniti worktops are made with a luxurious matte finish, specifically designed with the kitchen in mind. With specially developed surface technology, the Infiniti diffuse light as it hits the surface, creating a contemporary matte appearance to the workop, which is both effortlessly stylish and adds an instant warmth to any kitchen.

Created in various styles allows you to choose one that suits you. That could be a classic look such as the Neo Cloud or a more contemporary feel such as the Carrara Bianco, whatever your taste the Formica® Infiniti will have something to suit you.

Formica® Infiniti has the perfect combination of features to make your kitchen surface look good, feel good and stay good.

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