Formica Aria Worktops

The Formica® Aria™ range contains several bold designs which incorporates marble veining, granite textures or engineered stone patterns in a colour palette of sophisticated neutrals. A fantastic alternative to natural and engineered stone, Aria’s solid one piece construction means it is high impact and abrasion resistant, which is perfectly suited to surviving the toil of day-to-day life.

Choose from a range of worktop colours to suit your taste with a luxurious modern black, ideal for traditionalists and modernists alike, or a natural white, which suits all rooms and is universally popular allowing your kitchen to stay stylish.

Aria Worktops transform your kitchen into the chic, modern living space you’ve always desired. With the solid grace of natural surface, style favourites can be cut and shaped with a clean finish, creating a stylish environment with your worktops as the striking centrepiece.

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