Bushboard Omega Worktops

Omega by Bushboard offers a wealth and assortment of styles designed to suit your needs and budget.

Style combined with a mixture of lengths, helps to provide a cost effective solution without compromising on style. With a collection of styles including, Strass Noir, Urban Concrete or Ruby Quartz to choose from your new worktop will become the main attraction within your household.

Bushboard Omega worktops allow day-to-day cleaning with just a quick wipe to keep your Omega worktop in top condition. All Bushboard lines are incorporated with the world-renowned Sanitized® Actifresh anti-bacterial protection and PEFC certified chipboard.

Complement your new kitchen and Omega worktop with a variety of breakfast bars with the same width and designs, helping to minimise waste and helps to provide a practical and chic solution to any kitchen.

We have a variety of Bushboard Worktops for you to choose from.

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