Sureseal End Caps and Profiler

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Sureseal End Caps And Profiler Available in White, Silver and Black

The perfect partner to Showerwall. A purpose-designed trim system that is fitted at the base of its bathroom panelling to enhance waterproof protection, long term performance and facilitate easier cleaning in busy shower areas. It is very easy and quick to fit and does not add time onto the overall installation speed which is one of the key benefits of Showerwall compared to tiling. The Sureseal system comprises a base trim and a cover trim, both in white. The system works by fitting the Sureseal base trim onto the shower tray and adding sealant, before sliding a Showerwall panel into place. This envelopes the base of the panel to give a four-point seal before the cover trim is clipped on providing a smooth and neat finish, while further enhancing the waterproof protection at the base of the panel. End caps are then pushed into place to protect the outer edge of the panel. Sureseal is compatible with all Showerwall décors and is available in 585mm, 900mm, 1000mm and 1200mm sizes to match all Showerwall panel widths and the Showerwall system is backed by a 15 year guarantee. With no visible sealant at the join with the shower tray, Sureseal offers superior aesthetics, avoids inconsistent sealant lines and reduces the risk of damage and discolouration from products such as bleach or hair dye.

  • Easy to install
  • Fire rated
  • Hygeinic
  • Mould resistant
  • Suitable for wet and dry areas
Showerwall Accessories
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CE Marked:
CE Marked

Showerwall HPL Installation Guide

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