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At The Makeover Centre, we offer a wide range of sinks and taps to complement each other. Whether you’re looking for our Basix Steel sink and tap pack or looking to buy our Farmhouse 2 bowl sink alongside our 3 in 1 Hot Tap to add a unique look to your kitchen, we offer a range of styles and budgets to suit all.

Take a look at our Hot Tap collection especially the Tuscan Bollente 3 in 1 hot tap which allows you to have a cold, hot and boiling water all from one tap. This is the newest accessory to add to any modern kitchen. We also supply a selection of taps with one or two handles, all to suit your style and requirements.

We offer suggestions for taps and sink collaborations but all our sinks and taps can be paired together depending on your own personal taste. Our stylish portfolio of sinks and taps perfectly complements our comprehensive worktop range, providing a complete solution for any kitchen.

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