Top tips to makeover your home

by Rob McKechnie

So you've decided your home needs an upgrade. You may have seen something online, been to a friend or relatives house and got a little jealous at their inviting interiors and decadent decor. Where do you start? These helpful tips might help you on your way.

Pick the right paint

It's tricky finding the right colour scheme that feels just right for you. Instead of spending a lot of time painting an entire room, one of the things you can try is just painting the doors. This way, you are saving on time and money, and also creating a focal point for the room. With the technology available to us, you can also use colour-matching apps, to give you a clear idea of what it will look like before you begin.

Enter the world of wall panels

Wall panels are a fantastic alternative to tiles. They are easier to install, require less maintenance and are also cheaper than using tiles. In terms of aesthetics, panels will not discolour. There will be no stubborn grout marks or ugly looking stains, just wipe them clean after use.

Get Creative

So your paint is all dry, you're happy with how it looks but the walls are bare. This is chance for you to add some creative flair to your living space. You could create a collection of framed prints from your favourite photos, or find some pieces of art that you like to hang there. It's a brilliant opportunity to add something that reflects you and your personality.

Let there be light

Selecting the right lighting can really bring a room to life. Get this wrong, and a room can look damp, mundane and cramped. A brightly lit room can create a sense of welcoming and openness. A strategically placed spotlight or floor lamp in the corner of a room can breath new life into it. If possible, consider modern ceiling lights to add that final touch.

Go green

It might sound simple, but an effective way of freshening up your home is to add some greenery. Adding some flowers and plants creates a new element to any living space. It is a cheap option and adds a fantastic natural look and feel to your home.

There are lots of things to consider when preparing to go through an upgrade of your home. Of course budget and time constraints may play a role, but there are cheap and effective solutions out there that provide fantastic choice. If you are willing to do a little research and get hands on, there is no doubt you can carry out a marvellous makeover.