Top 4 Toddler Proof Design Ideas for Your Home

by Rebecca Line

Starting a family is the best, but also the most difficult thing any of us will ever do. Not only does it take its toll on parents, it also takes its toll on our homes.

Here’s how we can help you to choose materials for your home that won’t crumble under pressure.

1. Flooring

Perfect for those messy moments (or years), the Rigid Click range from Malmo Luxury Vinyl flooring offers stylish contemporary designs in tile and woodgrain plank effects, that are super easy to maintain and to clean. With an impressive wear classification rating, this floor is able to withstand those muddy footprints, splattered dinners, spilt breakfasts and knocked-over drinks. Malmo is also ideal for areas of high humidity including kitchens, bathrooms and shower rooms and with a R10 slip resistance rating, you won't need to worry about your little ones falling too often.

You can achieve a truly stylish look, whilst still being completely practical at the same time, with beautiful, durable flooring, curated and supplied here at IDS.

2. Worktops

When you become a parent, ensuring your home can withstand a certain level of ‘use’ becomes critical. Super easy to clean, as well as hygienic and antibacterial, Fenix NTM® worktops are the perfect solution, and are able to withstand all the trials of parenting. Whether that’s “baby sink baths”, weaning, family meals, toddler snacks, or even late night bottle prep, if you make a mess, just wipe it clean.

With amazing thermal-healing capabilities, Fenix NTM® worktops can actually heal micro scratches through applying heat, meaning you never need to lose that perfect finish. They are also anti-fingerprint, so you won’t be driven mad by having to clean those sticky toddler handprints, wherever you look. For family proof worktops, we’ve got you covered.

3. Bathroom Panelling

Bathrooms can take some cleaning and with children around they can quickly become unmanageable. That’s where we believe wall panelling comes in. It’s ultra-hygienic, easy-to-clean, resistant to stains (even Bolognese ‘au de toddler’) and FSC® certified moisture resistant; meaning that if correctly installed, you won’t need to worry about mould or dirt building up from those mucky bath times or over-zealous splashing.

Bathroom wall panelling provides a hygienic, wipe-clean surface that (unlike tiles) won't harbour black mould. This, combined with the aesthetic appeal of natural materials such as marble and stone gives you the style of a truly ‘Instagram-worthy’ but toddler-safe home. Bathroom panels are typically easier and quicker to install than tiles. Showerwall for example can be fitted by anyone "competent at DIY," meaning less time and money for installation and more time for playing with your toddler

4. Decorative Panel

Milano High Gloss, with its 7 layers of lacquer creates a stunning yet durable surface, and is more cost effective than acrylic so it won’t break the bank. It has superior scratch resistance too, so withstands attack from those tiny car wheels and toy hammers, and collisions w


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