The Best Interior Design Instagram Accounts 2020

by Rob McKechnie

Instagram can be a great place to start when it comes to gaining some inspiration for your next interior design project but, with so many great profiles out there, how can you filter through them and find the very best accounts?

Don’t worry, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite interior design-themed Instagram accounts which you should be following in 2020 to save you the hassle of searching them yourself and made sure to include a variety of influencers.

Whether you’re after colour scheme ideas to spruce up your living room or just love looking at the before and after transformations, we’ve got you covered. There’s a bunch of super simple ideas you can do yourself to your own home as well as some more aspirational accounts showcasing your next new dream house!

Check out our list of the best Interior Design Instagram accounts below:


The Dear Designer’s Blog by Carole, began in 2009 and shares a library of inspiring spaces and current trends. Her Instagram account is no different! With tons of inspiration for indoor and outdoor decor.

"Instagram is where I perhaps show a little bit more of my home than I do elsewhere, mixed in with the very best of my travel snaps. I also show what is currently appearing on the blog. Somehow it all seems to coalesce into an aesthetic that demonstrates what I love most. My garden, plants, and the colour green!"


With a passion for period features and a love of all things neutral, Jo is currently renovating her Yorkshire Victorian terraced home whilst juggling running a business and a family. Life with Holly is an Instagram account and blog documenting the renovation and honest (sometimes too honest!) life as a working mum.


Full of colour and inspiring spaces, Laura-Ann’s Pretty Much Me blog combines posts on lifestyle, home interiors and family.

"I’m Laura-Ann, a Mum of little boys with a love for florals, and a passion for colourful interiors, styling and having a laugh. Aside from all the boys in my house, I live with copious amounts of colour & ‘ floral guff’ ( what my husband calls it ) in little old Belfast, Northern Ireland UK."


Geraldine’s award-winning Little Big Bell blog is a specially curated design and lifestyle blog. On her blog and Instagram, she shares photos of her wonderful London home filled with colour.

"My Instagram is all about colour and making people feel happy. It’s also about being bold, your own individual self and not needing to be ‘conventional ‘ or frightened about introducing colours in your home."


Established in 2012 by Antonia Ludden, the popular website, #tidylife regularly publishes a variety of home and lifestyle content. Antonia is passionate about home design and loves sharing inspiration for room makeovers, DIY, home styling tips and trends and all the latest affordable homeware. It's not all about the home though; if you follow her account on instagram, you'll find all of the above, plus a bit of beauty, fitness and fashion, too!


Stacey, also known as The Design Sheppard, runs a successful Instagram and an awarding winning interior blog. Showing the wonders of interior design with dedicated colour pallets and pieces, Stacey’s blogs is one to watch.


Home of Shade shows you how to make your home look as comfy as possible. Showing different areas of her home, Shade Shannon runs a successful and stunning Instagram account and YouTube channel showing you her DIY tutorials and tours of her home.


Kimberly runs her award-winning blog and Instagram page to show off her interior and exterior design. Creating a boho glam style with key pieces and features, the swoonworthyblog Instagram pages lives up to its name.


David and Mark show that living in a London flat can be anything but boring. Sharing their unique taste alongside their award-winning design blog, forward features is perfect for anyone living in a small space who are looking at creating a haven for a home.


Bringing the outside in, Igor uses his blog and Instagram to showcase his love of nature and design. Whether that’s adding to his ever-growing wall gallery or adding to his plant family, Igor’s Instagram takes you along for the journey.


Showcasing various elements of her house, family life and fashion, Carmeon Hamilton Instagram account is perfect for those looking for inspiration for numerous topics. With over 12 years of experience, you can easily see why it’s an account to add to your feed.


Karen’s Instagram account is a wonder of technicolour. Running an award-winning blog and Instagram account, she shows her followers how to brighten up an old Victorian home by using a multitude of colours and accessories.


With poignant posts that speak to lifestyle and social consciousness, it's easy to see why this ELLE Decor A-Lister's Instagram page is incredibly popular. With envious bathroom designs and dreamy dining areas, you'll never be disappointed with Corey's photos.


Showing that DIY doesn’t have to be just for men, Vikkie shows us how to build furniture inside and out. She’s a two-time award-winning DIY blogger and feed is full of DIY projects and her dog Hans. Guaranteed to show you something new with every post.


Travels, Lifestyle and family are what makes Mary’s Instagram different from a normal interior design channel. Full of bright colours and fantastic designs, @hello_peagreen is perfect for those who are looking for a little touch of everything.


A professional interior designer by trade, @candacemaryinteriors has an awe-inspiring Instagram account. With elegant and statement pieces in all areas of her home, Candace shows us how to create a beautiful home no matter your size.


Focusing on a variety of angles and minimal design, Kate Baxter has created a perfect Instagram for the perfectionist in our lives. Creating elegant and intricate photo’s has helped @fabricofmylife become one of the most simplistic but amazing Instagram accounts for interior designers.


Reece and Paul are in the process of renovating their Edwardian house in London. They show you pictures of their design choices and process and show you how black doesn’t have to be boring.


Lisa shows how easy it is to bring vintage pieces into a home with the Lisa_loves_vintage Instagram page. With carefully chosen items, adding to her wonderful colour scheme, it’s really easy to fall in love with the Lisa_loves_vintage account.


A bright and colourful Instagram account, @joystreetdesign is run by Kelly Finley-Joy. Featuring electric pieces and modest rooms, Joy Street Design is a delightful, fun account to follow.


Combining sustainability with interior design, Abby has taken to decorating her countryside house with modern techniques whilst still maintaining the element of the original Victorian design.


One of the first thing that visitors to Melanie's Instagram account notice is the blast of colour and homemade crafts. Along with her award-winning blog, Melanie dedicates her time to creating a welcoming and fun Instagram account aimed at inspiring audiences across the world.


Nicola is an award-winning blogger who also runs a successful Instagram account. A mixture of dark and colourful interiors, you’ll always be in for a pleasant surprise on your timeline.


An award-winning design practice, Rachel User Interior Designs showcase high-end luxury in a variation of homes across the world. With enviable designs and photography, Rachel User Interior Designs Instagram is perfect for everyone.


Ilaria runs an award-winning blog and Instagram page based around slow design and soft minimalism. Ideal for those who love minimalist design and elegant pieces.


Laura has elegantly designed her Instagram page to showcase the elegance of her house. Redesigning a classical house one room at a time, it’s always a delight to see what Laura is working on next.


Jason Grant is a stylist, designer and author who runs a successful Instagram account and website. Focusing on key features and home life, Jason’s page is one for everyone.


Full of eye-catching trinkets and features, Ellen Bliss Home is a stunning example of how pieces can change a room. Ellen shows that your house can look timeless whilst still being comfortable.


A complete opposite of its name, @thecrapflat is a one-woman battle against what Emma terms a ‘quite rubbish’ rented flat. Utilising key pieces to make an oddly-shaped white box come to life, The Crap Flat is ideal for anybody struggling to make rented accommodation feel like home.


Grace in my Space is run by Sarah Symonds. Her aim is to show how to create and style a 38-acre house. Managing a family alongside being an author and blogger, Sarah shows how to make your home a haven.


One thing that stands out on Hayley’s Instagram profile is bold patterns and use of colour. Combining vintage and boho with a hint of modern gives her style a unique and creative edge.

Charlie Porter runs TAT’s Instagram account and uses it to showcase vintage and antique living throughout the world. The first thing you’ll notice about the account is how bold the colour is but each picture has been carefully set out to showcase each individual piece.


With insight into home life and amazing decor, the Beata Heuman Instagram account is one to follow. With bold designs and patterns captured perfectly within the frame, it’ll definitely stand out within your feed.


Ariene loves vintage home furnishings and she shows you how stylish vintage is on her Instagram account. With interesting pieces including her mask wall and ceramic horse head, @dressmyroom is a vintage lovers dream.

Christina Higham is an interior designer based in San Francisco. Showing that your interior doesn’t have to be boring, Sun Soul Style Instagram account brings Summer vibes into the home.


Juggling family life as well as doing up a home, Ashley shows off her design inspiration and areas of her house. As well as running a successful Instagram, Ashley also runs a blog page and a podcast.


Award-winning designer Natalie Myers, runs a successful Instagram showing how to elegantly design your home with simple key pieces and patterns to create a stylish home.


Stunning light features are the first thing you notice on Renovating a Nightmare Instagram account. Showing you the ins and outs of their personal journey renovating an Edwardian home in the South of London, the Allens have added a personal touch to their profile.


Justin’s terraced home in London has a minimal approach to design and uses layers to add interest. He draws on influences from across the globe, adding a unique and masculine touch by using monochrome accents throughout. Design at Nineteen is a dream account for anyone looking to add simple yet impactful design elements to their home.


Showcasing the highs and lows of renovating an old abandoned Victorian home. Stephen and David have a great combination of DIY and everyday life whilst showing you the before and after of their renovation process.


Ciara runs an awarding winning account and it’s easy to see why. Adding a modern touch whilst staying true to the classic design of the house, Ormiston House Design Instagram account is full of bright colour and classic pieces.


A wonderful combination of before and after, the Victorian Adventure profile is a showcase of one married couple taking an 1875 Victorian house and making it a home. Annika and Rach show what you can do with small amounts of time.


Hannah shows followers her family life and interior design within a 200-

year-old Georgian cottage. With elegant pieces and a classic colour tone, living in an old cottage has never been more appealing.


Full of bright colours and designs Evolve Residential is run by three designers. Covering each room of the house, with a pop of colour or stand out pictures, the Instagram account is ideal for everyone who is interested in interior design.


Boston based Justine Sterling shows how subtle patterns and the art of layering can improve the look and feel of a room. Justinesterlingdesign Instagram account shows you how easy it is to combine both function and aesthetics to create an overall cohesive experience.


Based in Massachusetts, Mackenzie & Company use their Instagram profile to show a variety of designs for any home. Creating beautiful spaces across the US, the Instagram account is ideal for anyone and everyone looking for inspiration.


Jonathan Adler shows off his timeless home decorating skills and outstanding key pieces. Exploring different ways to decorate each room with intricate elements all crafted to make the perfect photo.


Emma and Laura are Nottingham based interior designers who show you how to create affordable room designs for any area of the house. Their Instagram account is a pastel lovers dream.


Interior blogger Fifi runs both a blog and accompanying Instagram account sharing everything 'cosy', 'lived in' and 'farmhousey'. She shares photos of her beautifully-renovated country home that she shares with her fiancé Neil in Brighton. If you're an avid home decor obsessive, Fifi's Instagram is the perfect place to indulge.


Zeena’s Instagram account is awash with a bright and warm colour palette. By adding colour to her rented accommodation, Zeena inspires others to turn something plain into something exciting and playful.


Hannah’s Instagram account is a combination of home comforts to out and about. The account is based on minimalistic design and the Copenhagen method of living. The combination of the angles and subject is what makes Hannah’s Instagram account so appealing.


Starting her blog in 2011, Niki’s Instagram combines as an example of vintage meets Scandinavian. With a combination of pastels and bright colours, Niki captures her beautiful home and it’s surroundings beautifully.


A modest look small features around the house including decorative wall art and table trinkets. When Rachel isn't busy perfecting her Instagram account she's running the fresh design blog where she shares ideas for sprucing up your house.