5 ways a hot water tap will change your life

by Ryan Lees

Why buy a hot water tap? We've summarised just some of the great benefits of buying one for your kitchen.

1. Hot water taps have the wow factor

Hot water taps really have become a status symbol in the modern era of kitchen design; increasingly becoming a staple for any luxury kitchen whether its a contemporary or traditional look you're going for. We believe the Tuscan Bollente hot taps we stock are some of the most stylish and desirable models on the market with the Rose Gold and Graphite models proving to be particularly popular amongst interior designers. Okay, we're not going to pretend that hot water taps aren't a lot more expensive than regular hot/cold kitchen taps but this is an investment in a product that is clearly superior.

2. More efficient than a kettle

If you have a smart meter at home, you might have been surprised by how much the pence per kWh jumps as soon as you flip the switch on your kettle. Kettles are a comparably inefficient way to heat water as the electrical-to-heat energy transfer that warms the filament (and in turn the water) also results in heating the kettle itself (and thus the surrounding air). Plus, many of us are guilty of overfilling the kettle with far more water than we need for the solitary brew, which ultimately wastes a huge amount of energy and money over the life of the kettle. In fact the UK's total wasted energy value from this overfilling was estimated at around £68 million in 2013. As heating water from cold takes far more energy than heating warm water, over the lifespan of the product, a hot water tap will help to reduce energy waste by continually keeping the water warm and insulated inside the water tank.

3. Clearly more convenient

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of having a hot water tap is the time saving factor - you can say goodbye to waiting for the kettle to boil for your morning coffee on those cold winter mornings. It was recently estimated that British people waste an average of 12 minutes per day waiting for the kettle to boil - that's over 3 whole days wasted per year!

4. They will feel right at home in your home

One additional benefit is that hot water taps are available in such a wide variety of colours and styles that you will find a model to fit seamlessly into your existing kitchen decor and work with any type of kitchen worktop including solid wood, quartz and even standard laminate worktops. A 3-in-1 model that features cold, hot and boiling water delivery also negates the need to have two taps on the worktop and sink area, thereby increasing the amount of workable space available. Better yet, these taps can be installed by anyone competent at DIY.

5. Safe as houses

Unlike many hot taps on the market, our range of Tuscan Bollente hot taps maintain a non-pressurised system that prevents spitting and sputtering, so that you won't get any nasty hot splash back when filling your cup. This is alongside an in-built mechanism that prevents hot water from accidentally being dispensed when it is not required.

Tuscan Bollente Hot Water Taps are available to view and purchase with or without and account through this website. See the range


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